Exhaltation To Jesus



The Lord is righteous in spirit, and in truth.Take delight in him all ye people.In all things shall God be given the Glory all ye nations .For God is our joy, and our strength. Peace, and our hope. All things through him are possible. Let us cry out, Holy is he, worthy to be praised. Let our voices cry out with great cheer to our Lord of host. Our healer, and protecter. Sing a new song unto the Lord. Let his glory fall upon us. Let us dance with the Timbrel, and praise his holy name. For there is none like thee, there is no name in all the earth that is like thee. Let us bow before thee O Lord, let us feel thy sweet prescence.For we are not worthy of the air we breathe. Let everything that have the breath of life you gave us, praise ye the Lord. Let us praise him with a whole, and true heart. Let it be sincere, and pleasing unto thee.For he is holy, and worthy of a true praise. He is a mighty, and strong tower. Let us bow down, and worship his holy name. For he is the King of kings, and every nation shall behold his glory, and sing praises unto the savior.

Exhaultation By: Lashara Willis


Community Service


When you have done it unto the least of

these, you have done it unto me also.


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